Solahart Silhouette Platinum Solar Power Systems for Mornington Peninsula

Silhouette Solar Panels and SolarEdge Inverter systems

Available in several specifications to suit your exact requirements, our Solahart Platinum Optimised Solar Power (PV) Systems maximise overall system performance by optimising the performance of each panel.

They are ideally suited for partial shading situations and enable you to closely monitor system performance.

Our systems are designed and engineered with every component carefully selected to meet Solahart’s stringent specifications, ensuring optimum performance and protection.

Solahart Silhouette Platinum Solar Power System, available from Solahart Mornington Peninsula

Features & Benefits of Solahart Silhouette Solar Panels

Our new ultimate-performance Solahart Silhouette solar panels, with their modern design and striking black appearance, are the ideal solution for homes here thanks to their innovative and premium cell technology.

New N-type Technology

Revolutionary N-type Cell technology for increased power.


More power per square metre of roof space.

415W Rated Power

415W rated power assured with positive tolerance.

High Solar Yield

Innovative all-weather technology for better performance in high temperature and low light.

Greater Efficiency

Consistently higher energy generation and greater efficiency now at 21.3%

Improved Lifetime Performance

Designed and engineered with every component carefully selected.

30 Year Performance Warranty

Enjoy an impressive 30-Year Performance Warranty^.

25 Year Product Warranty

Enjoy an exceptional 25-year Product warranty*.

Features & Benefits of SolarEdge Inverters

The SolarEdge PV inverter is designed to work with the SolarEdge Power Optimizers that manage each solar panel separately. Consequently, the inverter is only responsible for DC to AC conversion which makes it a less complicated and more reliable solar inverter. A fixed string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times, independent of string length and temperature.

The SolarEdge inverter is fully compatible with the Tesla Powerwall Battery and SolarEdge Energy Bank. We can supply and install either single or three phase inverters to ensure you have the perfect package.

The SolarEdge Power Optimizer connects to a single panel to monitor and control its performance, individually. This level of control mitigates all types of panel mismatch losses, from manufacturing tolerances to partial shading and improves the performance of the PV system. It allows for more flexible system designs and maximum space utilisation.

High Performance

With inverter efficiency of up to 99.2%, generating more power from your PV system.

Solahart Warranty

Enjoy a 12-year warranty, for peace of mind. For full terms & conditions for warranties, please get in touch.

SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter available from Solahart Mornington Peninsula

Flexible design

Individual panel monitoring and management allows flexible designs and increased power production.

Safe Operation

Automatic panel-level voltage shutdown feature for installer and firefighter safety

Video explanation of how SolarEdge works

Battery-ready solar power system

Solahart Silhouette Platinum Solar Power Systems can be upgraded to include battery storage to increase the amount of power you can use from the sun.

They are compatible with the SolarEdge Energy Bank and Tesla Powerwall Batteries.

Learn more about battery storage systems on our website or get in touch today. We can assess which battery is best suited to your property during a free on-site solar assessment.

Questions about Solahart Silhouette Platinum Solar Power Systems

Silhouette Solar Panels: 25 Years

Inverter and Optimisers: 12 years 

Every Solahart system is backed by a trusted Solahart Australia Warranty that offers the advantage of local on-the-ground support to deliver true peace of mind.*

The exceptional 25-Year Solahart Product Warranty provides ultimate confidence and peace of mind.

For full warranty details refer to the Solahart Owner’s Guide or get in touch with us.

We provide pricing, including installation pricing, as part of our free in-home solar assessment service. This ensures we are providing you accurate pricing on a system which is tailored to your energy needs and property.

To book a free in-home solar assessment, please click here.

Yes, we often install new solar power systems and a new solar hot water system

This is an excellent way to maximise savings through solar energy. 

In assessing the effectiveness and suitability of solar products, we will consider your energy needs and current usage, along with your roof size and orientation. We will do this as part of our FREE on-site solar assessment.

We’ll assess your roof size and suitability for solar panels as part of our FREE on-site solar assessment.

We’ll review the size and orientation of the roof. We’ll also assess the roof for potential shading issues and optimum panel locations.

Yes, you can install a Solahart Silhouette Platinum Solar Power Systems that includes a solar battery to maximise your use of solar energy.

Our solar battery storage system range includes solar batteries from leading battery manufacturers such as Tesla and SolarEdge.

Yes you can add a battery to an existing system in most cases. 

We’ll need to assess the exact specification of your existing solar power system and inverter and go from there. 

For more information and to arrange assessment, book a free on-site solar assessment.

Further warranty information:

*25-year Solahart Product Warranty covers certain defects with the Solahart SilhouetteTM panels. Please refer to the ‘Solahart PV Systems Owner’s Guide’ for full details, available on Solahart’s website ^30-year Performance Guarantee is provided by the manufacturer of Solahart SilhouetteTM panels and guarantees the maximum reduction in power output performance of the panels over a 30 year period. Neither the Solahart Product Warranty nor the Performance Guarantee are intended to exclude, restrict or modify your rights under Australian Consumer Law.

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